Fantastic Roofing Alternative!

Natural thatch roofing is highly flammable. Many buildings have burned to the ground from just a burning ember or a carelessly discarded cigarette. Insects, rodents, and birds use natural thatch to build their home or just take up residence within the thatch roof itself. When a storm blows through, many natural thatch roofs either have to be patched or completely replaced. Natural thatch cannot withstand the intense UV and high winds. The average life span of a natural thatch roof is 3-5 years, with annual maintenance.

However, our Synthetic Thatch has solved the problems created by natural thatch without compromising the look and feel of natural thatch. It has earned a Class "A" Fire Rating. Our Synthetic Thatch Shingles have endured the harshest UV areas, strong, constant tropical winds, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. It does not attract insects, rodents, or birds either.

Economical Choice

As it can last for at least two decades! In most cases, natural thatch panels will need to be replaced at least twice during that time frame.

This extended longevity makes synthetic thatch a good option for commercial applications, including resorts places, theme parks, restaurants and playgrounds. These properties swear by simulated thatch roofs, particularly resin thatch materials, fiber thatch roofs and plastic thatch roofs.


Installing synthetic thatch roofing or resin thatch roofing is simple.

Install the synthetic thatch panels in rows - around all edges beginning at the lower edge of the roof.

Go all the way around the roof - and attach with self tapping screws, roofing stapler or nailer gun. If you need to cut thatch panels - just use a jig saw or regular saw and cut through the binding and section in, our thatch panels will not fall apart.

Repeat each row overlapping 20~25cm - till you get to the top.

About our Synthetic Thatch

Our synthetic thatch and artificial thatch panels are:

1. Class A Fire Retardant Artificial Thatch Panels

2. UV Resistant Faux Palm Thatch that won't Fade

3. Lighter than Natural Thatch (for Easier Installation)

4. Lifespan 20 Year Warranty, and Mold Resistant

Product Catalog

Tools Needed to Complete the Job.

  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Jig saw
  • Roofing Stapler, Nailer Gun or Screw Gun